Nautical Signal Flags


Before radio communications, nautical vessels had signal flags. These flags are the base for the International Code of Signal Flags; the code combines both number pennants and letter flags to inform other ships in the vicinity of any pertinent situation on board. The first code was drafted in 1855 by the British, and contained 70,000 signals using 18 different flags (and to think someone on board would have it all memorized!). It was continuously revised until 1965, when an international committee hit upon the current form, using 26 letters and 10 numbers. The letter flags have individual meanings (for example J means I am on fire and have dangerous cargo; keep clear) but then can be combined for a variety of others (JW means I have sprung a leak). You can see the meaning of each flag at the bottom of this page.

Our Jewelry

Nautical Signal Flags have always been considered striking, being composed of geometric patterns and primary colors. It is increasingly popular now to string the flags together for ship decoration on special occasions. Here in the store, we use signal flags as a base for our entirely customizable line of jewelry. Our signal flag charms are beautifully made in Rhode Island of sterling silver and epoxy. Most people enjoy wearing either their initials, or those of loved ones (and the fact that it's a somewhat secret language doesn't hurt!). You name it, we can use our flag charms to create a completely unique piece of jewelry for your collection.

Here's How it Works

1. Pick the base:

     Would you like a necklace or bracelet?
     Do you prefer sterling silver, leather or rubber?
     How long? (Keep in mind 18" is the most common necklace length.)

2. Choose your charms:

     Would you like your initials? Those of a loved one?
     Do you like a full monogram? Or prefer first and/or last?
     Or does the meaning of a flag or design strike your fancy?

3. Additions:

     How would you like your charms spaced? (We have different styles of beads to accommodate each necklace and bracelet, note that the more charms you have, the more beads you will need) Feel like throwing an anchor into the mix?

4. Need assistance:

     Please call the store if we can help you design a special piece at 401-847-1470 or email Every gift will be beautifully wrapped!

Ready, Set, Go!

To get started, click on the flag images below to view the charm!


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