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It's Spring in Newport!

Yeah, it's SPRING! We continue to update our calendar of Newport events so check back often. 

This summer we will celebrate our 9th year in Newport! We are open every day and if you need any assistance please call us. Kate, Renée, Annie and I can't wait to show you our store and new products! Nautical pups Augi and Charlie will make appearances too.

Newport Events: 

Oyster Festival, May 17-19

Boots on the Ground, Fort Adams, May 24-27

Memorial Day, May 27

British Motorcar Festival, June 7-8

SVF Foundation Annual Visitors Day, June 8

Secret Garden Tours, June 14 -16

Newport Flower Show, June 21-23

Start of the Transatlantic Race, June 25

12 Metre Worlds, July 8-13

Tennis Hall of Fame Championships, July 14-21

Newport Folk Festival, July 26-28

Newport Jazz Festival, Aug 2-4

Newport is a beautiful town to visit all year! Tour a mansion, shop and stop for a cup of clam chowder at our great restaurants. We hope to see you soon!

Cheers, Karen 


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