Up2Code Glassware

Up2Code Stemless Wine Glasses

These glasses will have you laughing out loud!
A great gift for sailors, boaters and landlubbers.

Our glasses can ONLY be found in our Newport store and online. 

Set of 4 - 17oz Stemless Wine

 Collection #1- Sold Out

Juliet - I am on fire and have dangerous cargo, keep clear

Oscar - Man Overboard 

Romeo - Preparing to replenish at sea

Whiskey - I require medical assistance

Collection #2 - Sold Out

Delta - Keep clear of me, I am maneuvering with difficulty

Uniform - You are running into danger

XRay - Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals

Zulu - I require a tug

Collection #3 - Sold Out

Charlie - Yes or Affirmative

Kilo - I wish to communicate with you

November - No or Negative

Victor - I require assistance

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